MyIMUniversity Review

MyIMUniversity Review

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MyIMUniversity is a new top of the line software that allows users to create their own academy websites, loaded with full HD video courses. HANDS FREE!

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MyIMUniversity Review – Features

⦁ Create dozens of courses
⦁ Lead capture system
⦁ Content delivery protection
⦁ Cloud based
⦁ Multiple payment methods (Paypal, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Clickbank)
⦁ Full Training and video creation
⦁ Integrated affiliate system
⦁ Domain and hosting NOT required
⦁ 10+ Integrated autoresponders
⦁ No monthly fees
⦁ GDPR compliant

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5 Beautiful Ready to Use Themes
80%+ of online buyers say the biggest influence of buying decisions is color. MyIMUniversity comes loaded with 5 beautiful themes to ensure your stores drive as much traffic and sales as possible.

Target Audience of Any Country
MyIMUniversity gives you the ability to target top countries by builder affiliate stores to their countries. Allowing you to provide them the best products in their country.

Auto-Price Update
A crucial role to the success of any eCommerce/affiliate store is price. If you could show the latest products price and features on your store, your traffic will be hooked.

Craft Stores In Any Language 
MyIMUniversity allows users to craft affiliate stores in a countries native language, giving them a personalized experience.

Built-in Content Spinner
In order to be noticed by the top search engines, you must have unique, quality content. You can use the build-in article spinner to make your content unique and drive targeted SEO traffic to your affiliate stores.

Social Media Sharing
Share your content at the press of a button. Seriously, all you need to do is press a button and MyIMUniversity will share your content to your social media, bookmark and blog websites, leading to a large boost in traffic, and sales.

Payment Processes and Transactions  
Allow your traffic to add products to cart with a 90 day cookie to give them a great shopping experience.

How does MyIMUniversity Work?

1. Enter in your keywords/niche, choose a category, and MyIMUniversity will find and post viral content and videos to social media accounts, driving targeted traffic to your offers.

2. The software uses A.I (artificial intelligence) to figure out what the best offer/lead page on your website (hosted on MyIMUniversity’s servers!) to make sure you can generate the most profit from your niche.

3. After you are driving free traffic to your affiliate offers or capturing leads with your favorite autoresponder. Also, you can promote any offer you want to your leads.

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MyIMUniversity Review – Conclusion

If you decide to purchase MyIMUniversity today, you will be getting it for the lowest cost it will ever be. You will receive a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. Try MyIMUniversity today risk free!

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