ViddX Review

ViddX Review

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ViddX is a cloud based sofware that allows you to use other people’s viral videos to make a profit without the need to create your own videos.

Imagine not having to create your own videos to promote products ever again. Imagine spending 60 seconds instead of a couple hours setting up your promotional videos and campaigns. Imagine how nice it would to click a button and have hundreds or even thousands of people start pouring to your offers on the same day. Imagine earinging commissions from 10 products, sometimes even 5 or 6 sales from a single campaign.

Stop Wasting Time Doing Things That Won’t Work. You don’t need to write articles for your blogs and websites anymore. No more large investments on your websites money and time. No more time-consuming work to rank your websites or videos. Also no tech skills required to make this work for you. Never have to do stupid, boring, repetitive tasks ever again and no complicated training materials that makes you want to pull your hair out.

It’s time to take action. Create profit generating video campaigns using ViddX & promote ten times more offers without building a single website, and without purchasing domains or hosting.

There’s a early bird discount available on the official website right now. So hurry up and get in there now before the discount disappears forever. If you worry how to get started, this software is perfect for you.

ViddX Review – Features

ViddX, ViddX review, Viddx Reviews, review viddx

Leverage the power of other people’s videos to turn a profit

With all of the videos uploaded to YouTube daily, there is no shortage of niches you can choose from to create your campaign. The software does not restrict you on what videos you may use.

Cloud based – Ready to go

The creator of ViddX created it completely online (cloud) which makes it so much easier for the user to launch their campaigns, with many customization tools available.

Hijack (Legally) from many platforms

When you think of video platforms, you think of YouTube and maybe Vimeo, which are the largest video sharing platforms. ViddX can discover videos from many other websites as well, as long as the upload format was MP4.

Unlimited traffic without video creation

Using ViddX you can drive a massive amount of traffic. Creating videos by yourself without having a decent following already, will leave you unable to create a high quality viral video. This software can pull videos that already proved themselves with thousands or millions of views and shares.

Add your Call-To-Action, and affiliate links

After you’ve optimized and are ready to launch your campaign, you can add your call-to-action leading to any link you desire to increase your users buying incentive.

ViddX Review – Who’s It For

There have been so many video marketing products come to market that require the user to put together their own videos.

ViddX is designed for the users who don’t want to be in-front of the camera, or don’t have the time to create their own videos.


ViddX Review – Conclusion

ViddX allows users to legally hijack others videos, and create a video to sell for them.

When you buy ViddX today, you will be getting it for the lowest cost it will ever be. You will also get a 30-day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied. You have nothing to lose, give ViddX a go!

ViddX official website

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